Springfield Sewer Rates Increase July 1

The city of Springfield is reminding residents of a planned increase in the city’s sewer rates on July 1.

The increase was planned to help continue improvements to the city’s aging sewer system to keep it in compliance with the federal Clean Water Act.

Residents will notice the change on their August City Utilities bills.

Rates for sewer are calculated based on a resident’s water consumption during January, February and March. The reason is to avoid measuring usage in summer when people fill swimming pools, wash cars, or water landscaping. The city says this is because the majority of resident’s water goes down drains and toilets.

The increase is the third in a series of increases Springfield City Council approved in November 2016 and the rate structure is scheduled to run through 2020. After the July 1 date, a resident who uses 6 CCF a month will see can increase in their bill from $32.36 to $34.20.

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