Severe Weather Information for the Ozarks

(Note: This was originally a story written for one storm that struck the Ozarks but has been changed to be a general information page for storm information. It will grow and change over time.)

Below are resources for you to keep track of the severe weather. First, the Twitter feed of the National Weather Service in Springfield, which will update with any new warnings and severe weather information.

Locations of Springfield tornado shelters at this link.

Locations of Nixa tornado shelters at this link.

Here is a link to the National Weather Service Radar image for the region. (Refresh your page about every 8 minutes for an updated image.)

National Weather Service Base Radar Loop

Here is the Twitter feed for the Greene County Emergency Management:

Springfield Public Schools has tornado shelters available for residents near six of their schools. SPS’s statement is below:

The storm shelters at the locations listed below are available outside of school hours for residents in the community that live within what we refer to as the “Tornado Protection Zone” (TPZ) to the shelters.   The shelters were not designed nor intended to provide shelter for those beyond the TPZ. 

Please note:  FEMA and Greene County Office of Emergency Management  recommends individuals planning to use any storm shelter live within the tornado protection zone of that shelter, allowing for a timely arrival (typically within 5 minutes) to the shelter. 

  1. Fremont Elementary School, 2814 N. Fremont
  2. Hillcrest High School, 3319 N. Grant Ave. 
  3. Jeffries Elementary School, 4051 S. Scenic Ave. 
  4. Kickapoo High School, 3710 S. Jefferson Ave. 
  5. Sherwood Elementary School, 2524 S. Golden Ave.
  6. Westport K-8 School, 415 S. Golden Ave.

When a tornado warning is issued (tornado sirens activated) by the County’s Emergency Management Director or Greene County’s 911 Director, the shelter will be opened.The doors to the shelter will close 10 minutes after a warning is issued or sooner if tornadic activity is observed in the vicinity.