Zoo Welcomes New Elephant

The Dickerson Park Zoo has a new 5,000 pound yoTungster running around the property.

Hugo is an eight-year-old elephant who is joining the Dickerson Park Zoo’s herd from the Endangered Arc Foundation of Hugo, Oklahoma.

The move was done to try and “increase the genetic diversity of the elephant population in the United States.” Asian elephants are considered critically endangered.

The zoo participates in a program called SAFE, which stands for Saving Animals From Extinction. Asian elephants are one of the species designated for the program, which not only covers animals in zoos and other facilities but provides research to help animals in the wild.

Hugo is being kept away from the other elephants for a month and then will be introduced to Patience, one of the female elephants. The zoo would eventually like to be able to put Hugo and Patience on exhibit at the same time.

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