Springfield Fire Department’s Project RED Zone Moves to Weller

If you’re in the Weller neighborhood, the Springfield Fire Department might be calling on you on Saturday, June 15.

The fire department is coming to Weller with Project RED Zone, working to install smoke alarm in neighborhoods throughout the city. The project is named after red areas on the department’s map of fire incidents.

“After Weller, we plan to move deeper in Zone 2 into our residential areas without organized neighborhoods. This will include areas north of Division, south of I-44 , east of Glenstone and west of Highway 65,” Fire and Life Safety Educator Heather Parker said in a statement.

Since April 2017, the department has installed 2,732 smoke alarms and visited over 17,200 homes in ten different neighborhoods. They’ve also tested over 5,000 alarms and replaced batteries in 782 homes.

Even if you are outside the Weller neighborhood, the fire department will provide a free smoke alarm if your home or apartment does not have one. You call the department at 417-874-2300.

Project RED Zone is sponsored in part by the American Red Cross of Southern Missouri, Safe Kids Springfield, FEMA Fire Prevention and Safety grants and general revenue SFD funds designated for public education.