Springfield Public Schools Earns Highway Patrol Honor

Springfield Public Schools has earned an honor from the Missouri State Highway Patrol for the safety and maintenance of school buses.

The district earned MSHP’s “Total Fleet Excellence Award” by having an approval rating of 93.3% during the Patrol’s annual inspection of district buses.

The statewide average for buses approved by Patrol personnel is 89.3%.

“The Missouri State Highway Patrol works closely with schools and private pupil transportation companies to ensure our students have safe transportation to and from school-related events. This professional relationship is most evident during the annual school bus inspection and results in a successful program,” MSHP Colonel Eric Olson said in a statement. “The annual school bus inspection program is just one way the Missouri State Highway Patrol serves and protects our children and it will remain a priority.”

Buses with no defective items are rated “approved.” If a bus is found to have one or more defective items that do not pose a danger, they are labeled “defective” and the district has ten days to repair them for re-inspection. If an item that poses immediate danger is found, the bus is placed “out of service” until repaired.

A district must have 90% or higher approval and no buses taken out of service to receive the “Total Fleet Excellence Award” from the Patrol.

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