CoxHealth Installs Drug Take Back Boxes

If you have expired medications, CoxHealth is offering you a way to safely dispose of them, in an anonymous, free way.

CoxHealth has installed “Drug Take Back Boxes” at their five pharmacies in Springfield and Branson. The boxes, which look similar to a mailbox, are available to anyone in the community even if they are not a patient of CoxHealth.

“Proper disposal of unused prescription medication is very important,” Ryan Baker, director of Pharmacy at CoxHealth, said in a statement. “We felt it was a priority to give people a way to do this whenever they had the need to get rid of these medications.” 

Anyone bringing medication for the take back program will need to physically place the medication into the box because CoxHealth employees are not allowed to touch the medications. Also, needles, inhalers and aerosols are not allowed in the take back boxes.

The boxes are locked at all times, so anything dropped inside cannot be retrieved. A filled box is then sealed and shipped to a facility for safe destruction.

The boxes are available during open hours of Cox pharmacies, which you can find at this link.

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