Springfield Begins Comprehensive Planning Process

The city of Springfield has officially began a comprehensive planning process for the first time since 1998 when the “Vision 20/20” initiative was created for the city.

The move follows the Mayor’s State of the City address where he laid out the City Council’s priorities for the next two years.

“At its core, the comprehensive plan is a guide for future land use, but it is also an opportunity to really dream about what we want our community to become,” Mary Lilly Smith, Planning and Development Director, said in a statement. “A community-wide comprehensive planning process should create a vision for what kind of city and community we want Springfield to be and establishing a path to make that vision a reality. In addition to guiding public infrastructure and investment, the comprehensive plan answers questions such as, ’how do we focus our growth?’ and ’what public policies will help us get there?’”

The process is expected to take 18 to 24 months and the city says “there will be numerous opportunities for citizens to participate.”

Chicago-based urban planning and design company Houseal Lavigne Associates has been hired by the city to be the plan consultant. However, within their team of experts, there is one Springfield based firm, CJW Transportation Consultants. They will advise on civil and transportation engineering.

The city noted in a press release “marquee accomplishments” of the Vision 20/20 plan including Jordan Valley Park, Hammons Field, Jordan Valley Ice Park, the South-Side police station, land acquisition for parks and greenways trails, and the Springfield Expo Center.

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