Nixa School District To Take Ownership of Early Childhood Center

The Nixa School District has announced they will be taking ownership of the building that has been housing their Early Childhood development program.

The district entered an agreement five years ago with a developer for a building that would be designed with the needs of early childhood students as a center of the plans. The building was also designed to allow the district to provide educational programs for students with special needs.

“Use of this facility has allowed Nixa to expand our preschool programs to include integrated role models and reach more students across the Nixa district. Our educators with specialized programs have space of their own for therapies. We are looking forward to the continued use of the ECC and the ongoing ability to offer high-quality programs for preschool students in our community,” Karen McKnight, executive director of special services, said in a statement.

The center was developed by Curtis Jared. The district is going to lease the building for one more year as an extension of the current agreement and then purchase the building for $900,000. The building’s value is approximately $8.5 million, and developer Jared is going to donate the rest of the building’s value to the district.

The building’s multi-purpose room has a special additional purpose; the walls are hardened to provide extra protection during severe storms and tornadoes.

“The community is very lucky to have this facility. I am amazed at the vision that was put into place years ago by Dr. Kleinsmith and our school board. The partnership with Jared allowed our district to have an early childhood facility that is second to none. It has been an honor to work with such an advocate of public education as Jared. This agreement allows the district to own a facility that will allow students to learn in for many years to come,” Dr. Gearl Loden, district superintendent, said in a statement.

The agreement guarantees no interruption in classes or services from the facility. The district stated they would have not been able to build and/or purchase the facility on their own without the donation of Jared.

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