Stockstill Park Reopens

The city of Branson announced the reopening of Stockstill Park after being closed for over a month due to flood damage.

The park was closed on May 1, 2019 because of flash flooding from Roark Creek.

“Because that park is prone to flood damage, going forward we will continue to place more emphasis on natural elements of the park, like the creek access and open green spaces for people to enjoy,” Branson Parks & Recreation Director, Cindy Shook, said in a statement. “The walking path has been repaired and is ready to use as concrete has been poured in place of the asphalt that was damaged,. Stockstill Park is one of our most popular parks so we will continue to look for ways to make improvements for our residents and guests.”

The city credited the city’s staff and area volunteers who cleared debris and trees for the park’s reopening.

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