Friends Raising Funds for Good Samaritan Attacked With Brick & Knife

The friends of a wheelchair bound man beaten with a brick and stabbed because he was helping a woman escape a domestic violence situation is asking for the public’s help to pay for his medical bills.

Chuck McClancy had been living in a rundown property owned by troubled area landlord Chris Gatley. He is wheelchair bound and has been forced to drive around Springfield in his power wheelchair in the snow and rain to get food and necessities.

Despite his struggles, friends say that McClancy was always someone to give and volunteer to help others, so they weren’t surprised when they heard that McClancy offered his home as a place for a local woman to escape her husband who she said had been abusing her.

“I’ve known Chuck for over 30 years and in that time I have always known him to be this kind of man,” friend Johnny Cross told OI.

On Saturday, May 25th, the woman’s husband came to McClancy’s home on Cherry Street. The man struck the wheelchair bound McClancy in the head with a brick three times and when McClancy tried to defend himself with a pocket knife, the attacker took the knife and stabbed McClancy eight times.

Photo courtesy Chuck McClancy

McClancy’s wounds were so severe that he died in the ambulance and had to be revived by emergency personnel. He went through 17 hours of surgery to repair a cut to a major artery and other damage from the stabbing.

If the attack wasn’t enough of a trauma for McClancy, after the incident his home was not secured, and burglars ravaged the home, stealing McClancy’s cell phone, wallet and other personal belongings.

Friends of McClancy are raising funds for his follow-up medical care, medical devices for use during his rehabilitation from the attack and to replace some of the items stolen while he was fighting for his life in surgery.

“Far as I’m concerned Chuck is a superhero,” Cross said. “He argues with me when I try and tell him that. He says to me ‘I just try and help those people society deems disposable’.”

If you would like to contribute to the campaign to help McClancy, click on this link to visit the GoFundMe campaign.

McClancy is currently out of the hospital and recovering at his daughter’s home.

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