Record Number of Students Enroll in SPS Explore Program

Springfield Public Schools is having a record amount of students taking part in their annual summer school program.

SPS Director of Summer Learning and Student Experiences Dana Hubbard reported that 13,153 students are taking part in the Explore! program this year, an increase of almost 700 students from last year.

“Word has caught on that Explore is a lot of fun,” Hubbard said in a statement. “There’s a lot of learning that takes place, and it’s a lot of fun. Our curriculum team does a great job of re-tooling our courses, changing them every year to make them better. Online learning is a big piece of our enrollment as well. Anytime, anywhere learning is really appealing to students and parents.”

SPS also announced that enrollment in their online Launch program has also significant increases. The online learning platform had 12,300 virtual enrollments last summer and just over 21,900 enrollments for this summer.

“The growth of Launch’s summer course enrollments shows that students statewide need and deserve flexible learning options,” Nichole Lemmon, director of blended learning, said in a statement. “We are happy to be a quality provider fueled by Missouri teachers.”

Hubbard said that teachers in the district are using the summer to help students they saw struggling academically during the spring semester.

“Our sites have really done a great job tapping into a population that need those extra minutes of instruction, who are really behind academically,” said Hubbard. “We’re providing interventions for those students who are struggling in reading and math during Explore, while they also get to have fun.”

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