Greenwood Laboratory School Expansion Breaks Ground Tuesday

An expansion of Greenwood Laboratory School on the Missouri State Campus that will include a new gym will take place Tuesday afternoon.

The project will be built on the south side of the building next to Bear Boulevard and will add over 21,000 square feet of space to the facility.

“The project will impact the entire student population and improve facilities for a wide range of academic and athletic events,” Jeni Hopkins, Greenwood High School Counselor and Design Committee member, said in a statement.

The new facility will include a new gym with a performance state that will allow for seating of about 700 people. There will be a new school entrance, a lobby on the south side of the gym and a new weight room. Another part of the project, new locker rooms, was already completed in 2018.

The project will cost approximately $6.4 million dollars, with $3.2 million coming from Missouri State’s one-time reserves. Donations are covering the rest of the costs, including a major donation from Springfield-based philanthropist Bobby Allison.

The design is by Butler Rosenbury & Partners and will be built by DeWitt & Associates. Projected completion on the project is August 2020.

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