High School Students Participate in Mock DWI Crash

Students from across the state, including Springfield Catholic, will be taking part in a mock DWI accident today as part of a youth safety leadership training event taking place through Tuesday.

The “crash” will take place at the University Plaza Hotel and Convention Center Monday morning.

The mock event will include participants from the Springfield Police and Fire Departments, Greene County Medical Examiner’s Office, Mercy Hospital and Henry’s Towing.

The event is aiming to help raise awareness of underage drinking and fatal accidents. From 2016 to 2018 34 fatal crashes, killing 47 people, involved underage drivers impaired by drinking or illegal substances.

The conference involves a statewide program called TRACTION, which is sponsored in part by the Missouri Department of Transportation. In addition to teaching on the dangers of underage drinking and driving, it also teaches about inattentive driving (such as driving while texting on a cell phone) and safety belt use.

The program is available to all schools in Missouri.

(Headline photo of mock DWI accident courtesy National Park Service)