Health Department Warns of Potential Legionella Exposure at Mercy Outpatient Cancer Center

The Missouri Department of Health and Human Services along with the Springfield-Greene County Health Department say two cases of Legionnaires’ Disease have been reported since late-April connected to Mercy’s outpatient cancer center at 2055 South Fremont in Springfield.

A species of Legionella that is not normally the kind associated with Legionnaires’ Disease was found in water samples collected on May 31, 2019. While this doesn’t guarantee the water was the source of the two illnesses, it does mean the water system is conducive to growth of the Legionella bacteria.

The DHSS says that the cancer center is the only facility that is of concern on the Mercy campus.

Mercy is reaching out to patients who have been within the cancer center in the last three weeks to warn them of signs to watch for in regards to possible infection.

Symptoms of the disease typically include cough, shortness of breath, fever, muscle aches, headaches, confusion, nausea, or diarrhea. Anyone who has been in the cancer center in the last few weeks and has those symptoms is urged to seek immediate medical attention.

Mercy said they are working through steps given to them by DHSS to “mitigate any potential concern” and is working to treat the water system in question.

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