Live Music for the Weekend of May 31-June 2

Ozarks Independent is a big believer in supporting our local businesses, charities and artists. It’s in that spirit we present you a list of the live music performances that are taking place this weekend, so you can go out and support our local musicians.

The list is curated by local musician Joe Dillstrom, who is playing Sunday at Bear Creek Wine Company from 1-5.

Our headline photo is Meg Ruth Burns, playing Friday at Mother’s Brewing Company from 6-8 p.m..

Friday May 31:

  • * Brother Ray and the Sometimes Righteous at The Rib Joint, 5-7pm
  • * Tony & Jerry Menown at Vino Cellars Spfd, 6-8pm
  • * Meg Ruth Burns at Mother’s Brewing Company, 6-8pm
  • * Brett Miller at Lindberg’s Tavern, 6:30-8:30pm, $5
  • * Reed Herron at Great Escape Beer Works, 6-9pm
  • * Indigo Soul at Los Cabos Mexican Grill, 6-10pm
  • * The Random Strangers Duo (Ryan Wallace, Alisha Thomas) at The Backlot at Alamo Drafthouse, 7-9pm
  • * Skinny Bone Jones at Shuffle, 7pm–, cover
  • * David Greathouse at Pappo’s South, 7-9pm
  • * Plush at Shuffle, 8:30–, cover
  • * Drew Beine and friends at Just One More, Republic, 8:45pm–,
  • * Failing Minnesota, Venus of Willendorf at Lindberg’s Tavern, 9pm-12am, $5
  • * Kicking Jacksie, Tony Menown, and James Green at Moon City Pub, 9pm-12am
  • * The Nobos at The Flea, 9pm-12am
  • * Joshua Allen and the Show-Me Saints at Patton Alley Pub, 9:30pm-12:30am

Saturday June 1:

  • * David Hinson at Bear Creek Wine Company, 1-5pm
  • * 15th Annual Rock House Music Festival in Reeds Spring, 2pm–, $30 at gate, see event page for acts
  • * Riley Joslyn at Pappo’s Downtown, 6-8pm
  • * White Oak Revival at Perk’s Place, Marshfield, 6:30pm–, $10
  • * Eddie Gumicio and friends at The Riff, 7-10pm
  • * JuiceBox at Shuffle, 7pm-9pm, cover
  • * Brother Ray and the Sometimes Righteous at Nathan P. Murphy’s, 7-11pm
  • * Allie & The Catz at Los cabos Mexican Grill, 7-11pm
  • * Sydadre at Dublin’s Pass South, 8-11pm
  • * Action Kick Johnny and Bad Dog No Biscuit at Keg Party, see event page, 9pm–
  • * Wicked Shimmy at The Paddlewheel, 9pm-1am
  • * The Dirty Saints at Shuffle, 9pm-, cover
  • * Pearl at Southbound, 9pm–
  • * Tim Amey Band at Just One More, Republic, 9pm-1am

* Dance Monkey Dance at Patton Alley Pub, 9:30pm-12:30am,

Sunday June 2:

  • * David Greathouse at Lavender Falls, 10am-2pm
  • * Barak Hill at The Wildseed, 12-2pm
  • * Joe Dillstrom at Bear Creek Wine Company, 1-4pm
  • * The Traveling Troubadours at Lucky’s Market, 1-4pm
  • * Dallas Jones & Molly Healey at The Backlot at Alamo Drafthouse, 6-8pm
  • * Donnie Ray Stevens and the Revolution at Los Cabos Mexican Grill, 6-10pm
  • * Reed Herron & Stevie Newman at Ebbets Field, 7-10pm
  • * Gravel Switch, Xeros, Take The Day at FoH Lounge, 8pm-12am, $7
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