Missouri State to Rename JQH Arena

Say goodbye to the JQH.

Missouri State announced today they will be renaming JQH Arena and removing references to JQH Arena from the exterior of the building.

The removal of all “JQH Arena” signage will begin on Monday and is the “first phase” of the school’s renaming efforts.

“We are preparing for a new name and a new era for the arena,” Missouri State President Clif Smart said in a press release. “We have had interest in the naming rights, and we want that blank slate to be visible as a good-faith effort on our part entering this process.”

While the signs on the outside of the arena are being removed, the signs inside will still say JQH Arena until a new naming rights agreement is signed.

The University has previously received $24.4 million in payments from the Revocable Trust of John Q. Hammons in exchange for the arena’s original naming rights. The rest of the payment obligations fell to JD Holdings after their 2018 bankruptcy settlement with the Trust.

The cost of the removal of the exterior signage and basketball complex lettering at the south entrance will cost approximately $20,750.

(Headline photo courtesy Missouri State)

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