Westport Pool Will Not Open Saturday as Scheduled

The Springfield/Greene County Park Board has announced that Westport pool is not going to be opening Saturday as previously announced following the discovery of a major water leak.

The pool is losing so much water from the leak that Park Board staff cannot keep enough water in the pool for the filtration system to properly clean the water.

“We’ve been working to diagnose this since Sunday, and we suspect there is a leak in the return lines, deep underground,” Jon Carney, Superintendent of Operations for the Park Board, said in a statement. The only way to look into the pool’s underground systems is to entirely drain the pool.

The delay in the pool’s opening is not known, but staff say it’s likely more than a week. Westport Pool was built in 1977 and renovated in 2012. Some of the underground infrastructure of the pool is still from the original construction.

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