Springfield Fire Department’s Project RED Zone Hits Midtown Saturday

Springfield firefighters will begin going door to door in the Midtown neighborhood starting Saturday for the latest part of Project RED Zone.

Project RED Zone, which refers to the department’s map of fire incidents throughout the city, is aimed at making sure homes and apartments have working smoke alarms.

The department has already visited over 16,000 homes in the West Central, Grant Beach, Westside, Heart of the Westside, Robberson, Woodland Heights, Tom Watkins, Doling and Bissett neighborhoods. Over 2,600 alarms were installed during those visits and more than 5,000 were tested to make sure they properly work. They also replaced over 750 batteries in smoke detectors.

The program has been directly linked to saving the lives of two people, one in September 2017 and the other in November 2018. In both incidents, the department placed fire alarms in apartments that alerted neighboring apartments of fires.

The city of Springfield says Project RED Zone funding comes from “donations from the American Red Cross of Southern Missouri, Safe Kids Springfield, FEMA Fire Prevention and Safety grants and general revenue SFD funds designated for public education.”

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