Severe Storms Continue to Rock Ozarks

Severe weather continued to rock the Ozarks Tuesday, with significant damage to areas north of Springfield and power outages throughout the region.

Springfield City Utilities is warning that traffic lights in the city may be out, including at the intersection of Kansas and Bennett, and that all drivers need to treat intersections with malfunctioning traffic lights as four-way stops.

The City of Springfield has cancelled tonight’s Public Works and Environmental Services’ Equipment Show & Tell event. The event has been postponed until tomorrow, Wednesday, May 22 at the Expo Center lot (between Jordan Valley Car Park and the Springfield Expo Center), between 4:30 and 6:30 p.m..

Heavy rainfall has resulted in flooding in low lying areas and low water bridges. Local emergency authorities are reminding drivers to not drive into flooded areas, even if the water doesn’t appear to be very deep.

The severe weather is expected to end later tonight although the flood warnings will continue to remain overnight throughout the area. Police warn drivers to be extra cautious after dark in areas that are known to flood as you may not be able to see a flooded roadway until it’s too late.

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