Greene County Examining Changes to Pay Scale; Crossing Guards

The Greene County Commission met with elected officials and staff today and discussed the possibilities for employees who have maxed out the county’s payscale.

Mailyn Jeffries, the County’s HR director, told Commissioners that 8 county employees this year will surpass the maximum level on the payscale and that 14 more employees will hit that level next year.

The majority of those employees are in the County’s Highway department.

“I would really like to find a way to reward those employees for their years of loyalty and hard work,” Highway Department Administrator Rick Artman told the Commissioners.

Several potential options were discussed including extending the pay scale or giving employees who max out the scale a lump sum bonus every year for their continued service to the County.

The Commissioners asked County staff to do some research into what the City of Springfield and City Utilities do with their employees along with research into the costs to the county for each option.

The Commissioners will be revisiting the topic after more information is obtained.

Another item discussed by the commission and staff in the meeting were the county resuming a partnership with Springfield Public Schools in paying for crossing guards at schools within the county. The County had been involved at one time with the cost of crossing guards in the county similar to the City of Springfield. The proposal to the County would be for the county to be involved 50/50 in the cost and wouldn’t be taking place until the next county fiscal year.

Commissioner Bengsch noted that the county was allowed to bow out because of severe financial issues the county was having at the time.

Any funds for the agreement would likely come from the highway department budget because the crossings are on county right-of-ways.

The Commission voted 3-0 to enter the agreement with the District.

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