City Council Meeting Preview May 20, 2019

Tonight’s city council meeting will have a wide variety of topics: marijuana regulations; zoning issues for a residential complex for the homeless; a land purchase for a new fire station; and the upcoming fiscal year’s budget.

Citizens can speak to the Council about the upcoming city budget, which can be viewed at this link. This is the first reading of the bill, so it will not be given a final vote tonight, just the public hearing. There is no limit to the number of citizens who can address Council about the budget, however you could be limited to three minutes if there are a large number of people who wish to address Council.

The zoning issue involving Eden Village II (which OI examined in depth) may or may not be coming before Council tonight. Councilwoman Ferguson, the sponsor of the bill, will not be in attendance at the meeting and she requested the matter be tabled until the next meeting so she can be a part of the discussion on the measure. The Council will decide during the meeting whether or not to table the measure’s second reading.

Medical marijuana is once again on the agenda, this time with public comment on amendments to the measure connected to the distance medical marijuana facilities can be located from schools, daycares and churches.

The Council will also have a second reading of the medical marijuana ordinance that will set fees for a Medical Marijuana Zoning Certificate.

Another measure for second reading will give the Springfield Police Department $1.1 million in additional sales and use tax revenue from the current fiscal year to cover the costs of housing City prisoners in Vernon County.

The meeting will get underway tonight at 6:30 p.m. in the City Council Chambers at Historic City Hall. Doors open one hour prior to the meeting.

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