Four Springfield High Graduates Also Graduate OTC in Same Week

Four Springfield High School seniors decided that one graduation ceremony a week wasn’t enough for them, so they graduated from high school AND OTC in the same week.

Alex Carlson, Jacob Downton, Cora Grimm and Neela Sabb graduate today from OTC with associate degrees earned while still attending Springfield Public Schools.

“When you look historically, this has never happened in Springfield,” Tiffany Brunner, Middle College Director, said in a statement. “That would indicate it’s a really big deal because there have been so many bright graduates from SPS. For this to never have happened I think that gives indication of how big of a deal this is, for a high schooler to earn an AA.”

The four students plan to continue their education, with two of them planning to attend medical school. The Associates degrees cut two years off their four year bachelor’s degree at no cost to them.

The OTC Middle College program is designed for working with students in at-risk or unique situations. This will be the fourth straight year that every senior involved in the Middle College program will receive their degree.

“I’m proud of the four students completing their AA, but I’m equally proud of the students in Middle College who are in foster care and are trying to get their high school degree completed,” Brunner said. “That level of effort and those hurdles are equally difficult in terms of what a person has to overcome to be successful in their own right. So we have lots of students who are succeeding in a lot of different ways.”

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