Council Examines Non-General Fund Departments in Budget Review

The Springfield City Council examined non-general fund departments during a budget discussion in their weekly Council lunch session at the Busch Municipal Building.

Among the highlights of the budget discussions:

The airport’s operating portion of the budget will be increased 7.3% over the last fiscal year. Capital replacements and improvements will cost just under $6.3 million.

The Southwest Wastewater Treatment Plant, near completion, will generate about $1 million in renewable energy every year. The Springfield Landfill has been given permit approval for a 42-acre expansion, allowing an additional 90 years or more of landfill space.

The Springfield-Greene County Health Department is allotting just over $2 million from Greene County to mental health in the next fiscal year.

Workforce Development was cited as having need for diversification of funding streams and expanding inclusion and outreach to rural counties and cities for workforce development initiatives.

The first reading of the budget by City Council is Monday night, May 20, and citizens will have the opportunity to comment on anything within the budget.

The City maintains information about the budget on its website.

Download a copy of the full proposed budget by clicking this link.