Chief Meets With Public as Part of National Police Week

Springfield Police Chief Paul Williams held his monthly “Coffee With The Chief” Wednesday to have his event be part of National Police Week.

The national week is aimed at honoring law enforcement officers for their efforts on behalf of their communities and also to remember officers who have given their lives while on duty.

“Today is police memorial day, May 15th every year,” Chief Williams told OI. “I’d like to ask people to take a moment today and remember the men and women who have given their lives to support the community, not just those in our area recently, but throughout the years around our nation.”

High ranking officers of the department also meet with members of the public at the Chief’s event.

Several members of the public spoke with the chief on a variety of issues. One of the things raised that was not normally discussed was invitations to the police to be a part of community events. The Chief said that if a neighborhood association is having a community event and would like to have members of the Springfield Police Department there, he would work to make that happen.

The goal would be to help those in the community better understand the operations of the police department and to show the youth of the community that despite what they may see on TV or in movies, the police are not their enemy and there to help them in times of trouble.

One community member told OI that she’s a frequent visitor to the Coffee with the Chief events.

“I just wanted to make sure there wasn’t anything going on in the community that I didn’t know about,” Bobbi Ream told OI after talking to Chief Williams. “This is the third or fourth time I’ve met with him. Fortunately, there hasn’t been a lot of bad things going on lately.”

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