It’s Bike, Walk & Wheel Week in Springfield

This week, officials and groups in the city of Springfield want you to ditch your car.

It’s the annual “Bike, Walk & Wheel” week where residents are encouraged to use more active ways of getting around the city, such as walking or using a bicycle.

Springfield’s greenways system has over 70 miles of trails and paths for someone to walk or bike around the area, and inside the city there are over 80 miles on-street bike routes.

A number of themed events will be taking place during the week, including  Sunrise Coffee & Bicycle Club holding a morning “coffee meet” between 6-7:30 a.m. for those biking to work or school this week. They will be at Kingdom Coffee downtown on Tuesday; Panera Bread on Sunshine Wednesday; downtown staple The Coffee Ethic on Thursday and Eurasia Cafe Friday.

There is even a contest for “bike month” called Bike Month Bingo. If you get a bingo on your card, you post a photo on social media with the hashtags #OzarkGreenways #BikeWalkWheelWeek for a chance to win prizes.


Also, all city busses will be giving free rides to bike riders if you have your bike with you. The busses are equipped on the front with bike racks.