New Pop-Up Club for Music Lovers Coming to Downtown Springfield

Are you someone who loves to go see live music but you hate it when you have to go to a bar to see it? You want to watch the band play but end up having to deal with drunks stumbling into you or jumping around screaming stopping you from enjoying the show?

A new pop-up club in downtown Springfield might be just the thing to satisfy your music cravings.

“Tempo” is going to be opening up for a limited time at 215 S. Campbell Avenue, in the former Gathering Tree space. The venue is a “music-first” oriented facility, meaning that unlike most bars where music is secondary, the focus of Tempo will be the performing artists and appreciation of the craft of music.

The club will have rules similar to those of Alamo Drafthouse for movies: all cellphones have to be off or muted; no talking during the sets; audiences will be encouraged to engage with the performers and performances the same as if you were watching a movie.

There won’t be a full bar available at the venue, but there will be some limited drink options with cocktails from Copper Run Distillery and craft beer from Tie & Timber Beer Company.

The first show is Friday night with Chatham County Line. The bluegrass group is currently on tour with Steve Martin & Martin Short and will be stopping for a show between major tour dates. Tickets are $15 in advance and $20 at the door and can be bought through Compass Rose’s website.