City of Nixa Warning About “Health Department” Scam

Statement from the city of Nixa:

Neither the City of Nixa nor any of its departments will ever call you to ask for payment in the form of gift cards. If someone calls you asking for gift cards as payment, this is a sign that the person is trying to rip you off. If anyone calls you asking for money saying they are with the City of Nixa, Nixa Police, or any other Nixa city department, just hang up on them. Scammers are able to “spoof” a phone number to make it look as if they are calling from the City of Nixa or one of its departments. If you are concerned as to whether the City of Nixa may have a legitimate reason to contact you, please hang up the call, then call Nixa City Hall at 417-725-3785 during normal business hours, and we can help you determine whether or not any real city staff were trying to contact you.

Yesterday, the City of Nixa received a call from a woman who said she had been contacted by the “City of Nixa Health Department.” (The City of Nixa does not have a Health Department.) She said the caller told her she would be given grant money assistance if she would pay the “taxes” on the grant in the form of gift cards. Unfortunately, actual Nixa city staff had to inform this woman that she must have been the victim of a scam, because the actual City of Nixa does no such thing.

There is no way for Nixa Police to track down who called you or to retrieve funds given in the form of gift cards, which is exactly why scammers operate this way.

We refer such scam victims to the Missouri Attorney General’s Office website here, to file a formal complaint:

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