Springfield City Council Meeting Preview May 6, 2019

Springfield’s City Council meeting tonight will feature around round of the medical marijuana discussions, a discussion on a different kind of weed and going after payday loan companies.

Medical marijuana will again be a major focus on the Council’s meeting with one bill definitely on the agenda and the possible addition of a substitute bill.

A public hearing is on the agenda related to an amendment to Council Bill 2019-078’s amendment that was voted on at the April 22, 2019 meeting. However, the substitute bill that was released on Thursday from Councilmen Ollis and Schilling could be added to the agenda and could supersede the amended bill from April 22.

The text of the substitute bill was in our story from Thursday.

The fee for medical marijuana businesses is also on the agenda after being tabled at the last meeting.

In the realm of other kinds of weed, Council Bill 2019-099 is on the agenda to change the city’s code on nuisance weed height from 12 inches to 7 inches. An owner who gets a notice will also have only ten days to alleviate the problem after notification instead of the current 15 business days in ordinance. It will also remove a five year statute of limitations on special tax bills, making them outstanding until they are paid.

The agenda will also include bills related to “short-term loan establishments” or as most people call them, payday loan stores. The current bill calls for a $5,000 per year fee for the permit.

Some members of Council are objecting to the fee; they say the proponents who claim this would just be for payday loan businesses are ignoring the fact it would set precedent for future Councils to do the same thing for other businesses a group of citizens feels is not good for the community.

A substitute bill would impose restrictions on the businesses but not include the $5,000 fee.

Protesters are expected at the meeting who are calling for passage of the fees on the businesses.

Here is the text of Council Bill 2019-104, which would impose the fee:


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