Missouri Dept. of Conservation Victim of Mushrooming Social Media Hoax

The Missouri Department of Conservation is asking citizens to spread the word that we’re all still more than welcome to have a fungus among us.

A social media hoax appeared over the weekend claiming that the Department was banning mushroom hunting on all public hunting grounds including lake areas. The hoax said that the state was considering a “gathering license” that would cost 50 dollars and be put in place starting in 2020. It also said a fine of 4 dollars a mushroom was in effect right now.

The post said Missouri Game Wardens would be looking for individuals violating the restriction.

The Department said in a release on social media that not only was the restriction posting a hoax but that residents are invited to continue mushroom hunting in the state’s wildlife areas. The state even has a page on the Department of Conservation’s website to promote mushroom hunting.

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