Live Music Weekend of April 26-28

The Ozarks Independent is a big supporter of local musicians and each week we are going to strive to provide on Fridays a list of places you can see live, local music in the area.

The list is curated by performer Joe Dillstrom on a Facebook group called Springfield Gigs N’ Shows. If you are a local performer who would like to be on this list, please check out that Facebook group and submit your listing. If you would like OI to consider doing a review of your show, message us through our contact page. (And while we’re huge supporters of local music and local musicians, we guarantee an honest review but not always a positive review if we’re asked to do one!)

SPECIAL NOTE: This weekend marks the album release performance for local artist Dallas Jones. The new album, his 9th studio record, is “Waiting on the Rain, Volume 1.” His show is Friday night, April 26th, at Lindberg’s Tavern from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. and the cost is $10 to enter.

Friday April 26

* The Traveling Troubadours at The Rib Joint, 5-7pm

* Falcons (Reed Herron, Jimi James, and Dave Ellis) at Los Cabos Mexican Grill, 5-9pm

* Barak Hill at Springfield Brewing Company, 6-9pm

* Meg Ruth Burns at Mother’s Brewing Company, 6-9pm

* Dallas Jones ALBUM RELEASE SHOW at Lindberg’s Tavern, 6:30-8:30pm, $10

* Kicking Jacksie at White River Brewing Company, 6:30-9:30pm

* Tony Menown and Chris Blades at Gailey’s Breakfast Cafe, 6:30-9:30pm

* Justin Larkin and Joe Dillstrom at Pappo’s South, 7-9pm

* The Shandies at The Backlot at Alamo Drafthouse, 7-9pm

* Pete and Dave at The Dugout, 7:30–

* Devlin Pierce at Andy B’s Branson, 8:00-10:30

* The Rosy Hips and Down Periscope at Patton Alley Pub, 8pm-12:30am, $5

* JuiceBox and WheelHouse at Shuffle, 8:30pm—, cover

* Euphoria Mourning, Kaizen, More of That at Lindberg’s, 9pm—, $5

* Lovebomb at Dennis’ Place, 9pm-1am

* John Jouett & Roger Kean, Justin Larkin & Joe Dillstrom at Moon City Pub, 9pm, $5

* Alternate Decades at Patton Alley Pub, 9pm-1am

Saturday April 27

* David Greathouse at Black Lab Coffee Company, Republic, 9am-11am

* Smokey Folk at Rock’n Ribs, 1-1:45pm

* Justin Larkin at Bear Creek Wine Company, 1-4pm

* Joe Dillstrom at Heavy Heads Records (Missouri Council of the Blind Benefit), 2-5pm

* Symphony Ree, The Crumbs, National Park Radio, and Molly Healey for Sculpture Fest: T&T One Year Anniversary at Tie & Timber Beer Co, 4pm—

* Traveling Troubadours at Lake Bums Brew Co, 4-5:30pm

* Jeremy Myers at Lake Bums Brewing Co, 5:30pm-6:40pm

* Randall Shreve House Concert at Twin Springs, 6-8pm (Contact Stacy Shoemake for ticket info)

* The Sisters Spring House Concert (see event page), Moon City Neighborhood, 6pm—, $10 (suggested)

* The Shandies at White River Brewing Company, 6-9pm

* Larry Perkins, Ruell Chappell & The Gary Scott Band for Cherry Blossom Dance at Perks’ Place, 6:30pm—, $5

* Brandon Moore and friends at Lindberg’s Tavern, 6:30-8:30pm, $5

* Buffalo Gals House Concert at The Rock House, 6:30—, $15

* Joe Dillstrom and Ryan Dunn at Pappo’s Downtown, 6-8pm

* Jeff Johnson & Drew Beine (Smokey Folk Duo) at Boat Town Brewing, 7-10pm

* Wicked Shimmy at The Paddlewheel, 8pm-12am

* PLUSH at Carries, 8pm-12:30am

* Bad Dog No Biscuit, Totally Useless, The Repentless, and Wolves at Bluecow Underground, Mt Vernon, 8pm—

* N2Deep at Shuffle, 8:30pm—, cover

* Skinny Bone Jones at Just One More, 8:45-9:45pm

* Thrillfall at Archie’s Lounge, 9pm—

* Tragic Queendom (No Doubt Tribute) for Get Dusted at The Outland Ballroom, 9pm—

* Time and Material, Part Time Travelers, Kicking Jacksie, and Giovahna Calvetti at Moon City Pub, 9pm—, $5

Sunday April 28

* Barak Hill at The Wildseed, 12-2pm

* David Hinson at Bear Creek Wine Company, 12-4pm

* Devlin Pierce at Copper Run Distillery, 2-5pm

* Dallas Jones and Molly Healey at The Backlot at Alamo Drafthouse, 5-7pm

* Isaac Kenneth at Los Cabos Mexican Grill, 5-9pm

* SAMI Birthday Bash (feat/ Flapjack and the Waffle Stompers) at Lindberg’s Tavern, 6pm—

* Reed Smith Herron and Stevie Newman at Ebbett’s Field, 7-10pm

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