Glendale Student Hosting Benefit Concert for Dream Center

A Glendale student made her senior Capstone project something that would have an impact far beyond her school.

Cora Dwyer (photo from her Facebook page used with permission)

Cora Dwyer is working to provide stress kits for the children in the Springfield Dream Center‘s DC Academy. DC Academy works with elementary students to help them focus on learning social and emotional coping skills they cannot learn at home.

She needed funding for her kits. Her solution? A fundraising concert.

The concert will be taking place tonight, Friday April 26th, at Glendale High School starting at 7 p.m.. The concert will feature three acts: acapella group Flockapella, a duo made up of two Glendale choir students called Just Us, and the group called “Glendale’s resident Rock Band”, Fishing for Saturday.

“There’s two sides of me,” Dwyer told OI. “There’s a side of me that’s doing this for my senior Capstone project, getting everything I’ve done through these four years and putting it out there for the world. The other part of me is so passionate about what the Dream Center is doing and how well they’re doing it that I felt called to support them in any way that I could.”

Dwyer was then asked why a concert as her fundraising idea.

“It was over spring break that it just popped into my head,” Dwyer said. “I have some friends who go to Glendale who are performers and I saw them in concert once, it was a charity concert, so I asked if they would perform and it all just came together. I got three groups and I thought I’d be lucky to get two! They’re all affiliated with Glendale.”

The Capstone project that Dwyer is raising funds for with the concert is a program that Glendale seniors complete as part of the Quest program. It is designed to show innovation, critical thinking, problem solving and community service.

Admission at the door for the family-friendly show is $10.

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