Nixa Police to Crack Down on Center Turn Lane Violations

Nixa police have announced a campaign to crack down on drivers who misuse the center turn lane.

The decision by the department is spurred by their desire to “see less traffic accidents and fewer violations.” The department posted a video on Facebook talking about proper center turn lane use and plan to do a social media based educational campaign.

The department posted several key points for drivers to remember:

  • It’s called a “center TURN lane” not a “center CRUISE lane”.
  • Only use the center turn lane to turn left.
  • Don’t drive in the center turn lane for more than 500 ft.
  • Don’t ever use the center turn lane to pass traffic.
  • Don’t use the center turn lane as an on-ramp for gaining speed to merge.
  • When turning left from a cross street, wait until all lanes are clear cross to your lane of travel.

The department will be issuing warnings for a few days before entering a period of “zero tolerance enforcement” of center turn lane violations.

The department sent a release saying they aren’t doing it to be a burden to drivers.

“Our stats show that when we step up traffic enforcement, the public begins driving better, and we see less crashes,” the department said in their release. “We don’t step up enforcement to be jerks, we do it to correct dangerous driving and hopefully keep you from having a crash.”

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