A Few Moments With…New Springfield Councilman Abe McGull

After being sworn-in as a member of the Springfield City Council, Abe McGull briefly spoke with OI about what is ahead for him.

On what he hopes to accomplish while on Council:

There’s a lot of things I hope to do. There’s a lot of progress in the city.

One of the things as a lawyer I’d like to see is an update of our city charter. I think we have a 21st century city but our charter is a 19th century document. So some things like that.

I’d like to work with law enforcement to help them improve law enforcement and public safety.

So those are some of the big ticket items I’d like to tackle.

On the upcoming strategic plan:

I think it’s great and I look forward to working with the other council members on it toward implementing the things that are coming out of that plan.

On his experience as a prosecutor and what the can bring to Council:

I think my experience as a prosecutor and working with law enforcement helps and gives me a perspective that most other Council people do not have. But I also think my past experience as a former Council member and Mayor [of Pleasant Valley, Missouri] gives me some idea what to expect from the job and how I will work with the others to get important legislation and policies passed by the city.

On why he would come back to a City Council position after serving terms on Council and Mayor in another city:

Maybe I’m a glutton for punishment!

I kind of like municipal law. You can do good at the grassroots level in terms of government. Something you implement today will have a long-term effect for tomorrow. I like municipal government, I like working with the people.

Hopefully I can do some good for the people of Springfield!

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