Branson Alcohol Compliance Checks Expand to Taney County

The Branson Police Department has announced a partnership with the Taney County Sheriff’s Office to conduct countywide alcohol compliance checks.

Branson’s police have been conducting compliance checks every three months since 2009. Taney County officials shadowed Branson’s program and is using help from the Branson PD to build their own program.

“Alcohol compliance checks are an evidence-based strategy for community change that reduces underage drinking by restricting youth access to alcohol. Through this partnership, and the hosting of Responsible Beverage Service trainings throughout the county, we are confident that both the compliance check pass rate will continue to increase and underage drinking rates will continue to decrease,” Taney County Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention Team (ADAPT) program Director, Alaina Williams said in a statement.

The Branson PD and Taney County Sheriff’s Office conducted compliance checks together on April 5th and 6th. They worked with minors who went into various businesses to see if they were able to obtain alcohol or if the clerks properly verified the ages of those trying to buy alcohol.

Only four of the 83 businesses in the city of Branson that were checked failed and were found in violation of the ordinance:

White Oak Station, 3200 Green Mountain Drive
Casey’s, 615 West Main Street
Rapid Robert’s, 432 State Highway 248
Waxy O’Shea’s, 235 Branson Landing Boulevard

In Taney County, 12 of 74 businesses failed their check.

Smoker’s Outlet, 225 Cross Creek Boulevard
Sunfest Market, 224 Cross Creek Boulevard
Rapid Roberts, 235 Laurel Road, Ridgedale
Cedar Junction Store, 1225 Ridgedale Road, Ridgedale
Little Hacienda, 9 Downing Street, Hollister
Hollister Food Mart, 1600 State Highway BB, Hollister
Hitch’n’Post, 5439 State Highway 165, Branson
Kim’s BBQ Shack, 7930 East State Highway 76, Branson
MM Food Mart, 134 State Highway 176, Rockaway Beach
Dollar General, 3889 State Highway 176, Rockaway Beach
John’s Frosted Mug, 5861 U.S. Highway 160, Forsyth
Pizza Cellar, 3015 State Highway 176, Rockaway Beach

Citations were given to individuals who violated the ordinances. In the city of Branson, businesses who get three violations in three years could see a suspension of their liquor license.

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