Long Introduces Measure to Protect Table Rock Lake Homeowners

Congressman Billy Long has introduced a measure to protect homeowners around Table Rock Lake from new restrictions being placed on Table Rock Lake by the Army Corps of Engineers.

The Army Corps of Engineers have been denying homeowners around the lake necessary permits for structures that have been around the lake for decades because they claim the structures infringe on federal land. The structures were not in violation until recent changes in technology that allowed the Corps to change their definition of the shoreline.

“This bill is a common sense solution to a problem that has long caused headaches to homeowners around Table Rock Lake,” Long said in a statement. “This bill provides a long overdue fix to this issue and allows these individuals to keep their decades-old structures in place. Many of these people built these structures under the assumption they were on private land only to be told years later that wasn’t the case.”

Long’s bill, H.R. 2132, would grandfather in structures that were in place before the finalization of the last Table Rock Lake Shoreline Master Plan in 1976. The Corps would be prohibited from taking these structures into account when processing permits for that landowner.

(Photo by KTrimble, Wikimedia Commons)

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