Cardinals Post-Game with Manager Joe Kruzel

On the play in the 10th where Montero stuck with a rundown to catch the Naturals’ runner off third base: “That was a heads up play by Triunfel on the hard ground ball. He saw the guy go, he came up and didn’t just throw right away because the guy stopped and we got him in the rundown to get out of that. Then Gonzalez did a heck of a job to get two more outs to give us the chance to win it in the bottom of the tenth.”

In regards to hanging on to some of the leads the team has been giving up leading to the exciting finishes: “We have to look at it from both ends. We have to understand that, in the backend of the game, that those guys have to do a better job of finding ways to get outs. But we also had opportunities in the middle innings where we could have done a better job offensively to try and get some more runs to give those guys a little more breathing room.

But you have to tip your hat too. That eighth inning was a little rough but Gonzalez came in and they were only able to tie it only, so we had a chance if we could score one more run to win it. You have to give the guys a lot of credit that they didn’t give in and let them take the lead.”

On the upcoming series with Tulsa: “The schedule tells us we gotta show up so we’ll show up. Hopefully, we can go out there and put ourselves in a position again to win in the late innings. I’m looking forward to watching this team continue to grow and compete every night.”

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