OTC to Raise Tuition and Staff Salaries

Ozarks Technical Community College will be raising the cost of tuition for the 2019-2020 school year alongside raises for employees.

Credit hours will be going up for in-district tuition: $5 for Tier I to $113 per credit hour, increasing $7 for Tier II to $117 per credit hour and increasing $10 for Tier III to $127 per credit hour.

Tier I classes are general education classes such as English or math. Classes like the recently expanded diesel mechanic program is considered Tier II. Nursing or dental assisting are Tier III level classes.

“OTC, once again this year, is not slated to receive an increase in state operating funds,” Chancellor Hal Higdon told OI. “Recently, we have endured several years of state appropriation cuts. After not raising in district tuition last year, we needed to raise tuition slightly. OTC remains the lowest funded state institution of higher education in Missouri.”

Chief Research and Planning officer Matt Simpson told OI that OTC receives the least amount of money per student from the state than any other college or university.

The college anticipates generating an additional $1.8 million from the increase.

A part of the tuition increase will offset a two percent pay increase for OTC staff. The college currently has just over 550 employees and the increase should cost the school just under $1 million.

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