Springfield City Council Meeting Preview April 8, 2019

The last hurrah tonight for outgoing Councilmember Tom Prater will include recognition from his peers for his contributions to the city during his term on council.

That’s just one of a handful of items in new business for the Council tonight…when a number of citizens will be put up for reappointment to various city committees.

The public will be able to address Council regarding a resolution for amendments to the Phelps Grove Neighborhood Plan. This area had been under a moratorium for construction as the plan was being reconsidered which lead to a controversial planning and zoning rejection by the Council. Mark Hunter, the landowner, wanted to build a group of small homes on a property while neighbors, several angered that Hunter removed some walnut trees from his property, petitioned council to stop the landowner from doing what he wanted to do on his property noting the moratorium on construction that was in effect at the time.

Also on tap for the council is a final vote on City Manager Jason Gage applying to Housing and Urban Development 2019 Community Development Block Grant funds and appropriating $2.8 million in “carryover funds.”

Citizens will be able to speak on resolutions regarding allowing the Mayor to attend an event in Houston, allowing Council members to participate in a mobility study tour of Northwest Arkansas, and changes to the fire code.

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