Ozark 2nd Graders Run Pop Up Restaurant

Second graders at Ozark East Elementary school dove into the competitive world of restaurants with a pop-up restaurant.

The hostesses of “Laugh-A-Lot Lairmore Diner” waiting to seat you.

The dive into the world of hot dog based haute cuisine is a result of the classes learning about supply & demand and other parts of the financial world.

“It’s a whole economics unit,” teacher Stacy Yerby, whose students ran “Yerby’s Yee Haw Diner”, told OI. “We did needs & wants, consumers & producers, goods & services and we tied it all into the idea of a restaurant.”

However, the teachers had goals for the students beyond just the economics lesson in running the restaurant.

“[The lesson includes] learning all the responsibility of how to respectfully speak to adults,” Yerby said. “So what we’re doing ties in ways to all of our [teaching] units.”

One of the students, Landon, told OI he learned one big thing from the lessons.

“We learned that we like money,” Landon said.

Landon’s classmate Josh told OI that he learned that they can “get better tips if we work hard enough.”

Several members of the Ozark school administration and community leaders came out to support the kids including Christian County Sheriff Brad Cole who brought most of his command staff with him.

Sheriff Cole orders his chili-less hot dog

“It’s very important that kids see us and know that we’re there to help them with whatever their need might be,” Cole told OI. “We’re also here for some good food and for a good time.”

Cole joked he was passing on the chili dogs for a plain hot dog because chili dogs “can get a little messy and I don’t want to mess up my uniform.”

Many parents also attended and were pleased with what the teachers were doing to expand learning beyond the classroom.

“It’s good to see them learning something that can help them later in life,” A.J. Bayer told OI. “Something that can help them grow in a personal or inner way that they can’t learn in the classroom.”

This was the sixth year of the pop up restaurant project for second graders.

Here are a few more photos from the event:

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