So What Happens When Your Ballot Is Cast?

You’ve cast your ballot and it’s off to the Greene County Clerk to be tabulated…

So what happens to your ballot when it gets there?

The first step, the election judges at your polling place check in:

Just as there is one Republican and one Democrat at the polling places, there’s one rep of each party checking in the ballots as well. These volunteers will match the information of each precinct and discharge the election judges from their duties.

Next, the information brought back from the judges is screened to make sure all the relevant documentation has been included:

This is a proactive way of making sure everything that can cause a problem is nipped in the bud before the counting gets underway. In the event something is missing, they can take steps to obtain that item from the individual precinct to make sure all ballots are counted.

In the background of the photo, you can see a metal box. That is where all the provisional ballots are stored for later validation.

Then, the equipment that was used today (such as the iPads that people would check in with at their polling place) are taken into the warehouse area when all equipment is checked and stored:

This is also where they store ballots from previous elections for 22 months per state law. Those are in the boxes you see on the back wall. The room has significant security measures and is reinforced to protect against natural disaster.

Ballots are then taken to the area where they’re taken out of the box and sorted into stacks:

But you won’t see that pictured because it’s sensitive information. 🙂

I can tell you that there are two teams of volunteers…two Democrats, two Republicans…who take all the ballots and put them into a pile and wrap them in a special wrapper. They are then placed in a box that is marked with the precinct identified…and then sealed away.

The only way those ballots will be examined is if another set of four officials…two Dems, two Reps…select those ballots as one of five precincts they will check at random for accuracy.

Once done, the ballots are boxed and put in the warehouse for storage for 22 months per state law. They will not be opened and seen again an order for a recount.

The computerized summary is then given to an elections official who processes the results on a computer that is NOT connected to the internet. This means that no one can hack the election results. No one can get in and change the election results.

Once the voting is tabulated on that computer, a report is then made which is disseminated to other computers who then publicly release the vote totals.

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