Springfield Police Department Releases 2018 Annual Report

The Springfield Police Department has released their 2018 Annual Report.

The report looks at overall crime statistics and provides descriptions of all departments.

Police Chief Williams

“Crime (as reflected in the FBI Uniform Crime Report) decreased significantly, in total and across the board, in 2018, after generally inching upward annually over the last decade,” Chief Williams stated in his letter opening the report. “The main reason for these positive results we experienced in 2018 is easily identified, and the answer to both areas is the same—it’s the people, the people of our department and the people in our community.”

The report includes information about the Family Justice Center, level property tax projects and re-launch of the Virtual Mobile Crisis Intervention (VMCI) program.

An overview of the report shows:

  • Homicides in 2018 were up to 16 from 14 the previous year. The report notes that only two of the homicides were connected to domestic violence which is a significant decrease from 2017.
  • Robberies dropped almost 23 percent.
  • Sexual assaults reported fell five percent from 2017.
  • Stolen vehicles fell 25 percent.
  • In six months of a fully-staffed evening traffic squad, 159 impaired drivers were arrested by SPD officers.

There is nothing in the report that specifically addresses the issues in 2018 with sexual assault issues and the CNN report critical of the police’s handling of rape kits.

Download a copy of the report below.

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