Month Long Scavenger Hunt Begins in Springfield

A group that wants to get you off the couch and criss-crossing the Ozarks is hosting a month-long scavenger hunt.

The “hunt” is sponsored by Springfield’s Healthy Living Alliance and sends contestants to a variety of locations around the city where they take a photograph with a heart, which is then posted to social media with the hashtag #movemoreSGF.

And while those behind the event believe the healthier lifestyle that can come from getting up and getting out and about, they’re also offering a prizes for the hunt including a $100 gift card to 5 Pound Apparel.

Every heart picture posted on social media or emailed to the organizers is an entry into the drawing for the pool of prizes.

Here is the list of clues for the 12 downtown locations. All clues are independent of each other, so you can find one at a time or go after a group.

1. It’s always good to read a book at the library to feel mellow, but stay safe and use crosswalks like your friend in yellow! #SGFYields

2. This area recreates a spring on the spot where Springfield’s founders staked their claim to homestead in 1829.

3. From the Mayflower to Route 66, transit has always been central to the lives of Americans. This is where Springfieldians go to get around. We will C U there!

4. It’s all in the name. Each time you buy a branded item from this store, they will donate 5 pounds of food to Ozarks Food Harvest.

5. A former poultry processing plant that now coops up entrepreneurs and small business owners.

6. Made by Andrea Ehrhardt, this mural will give you wings!

7. Made by Robert E. Smith, this mural shows downtown Springfield as it appeared in 1975!

8. An ideal destination for all ages, where you can fly a plane, lay on a bed of nails and learn about how tornadoes are made.

9. At its creation, was the largest auditorium west of the Mississippi and has hosted a wide array of celebrities including, Franklin Roosevelt, Elvis Presley and Ronald Reagan.

10. Use your kinetic energy to find me in Jordan Valley Park … I’m larger than life, near the top of the hill. Once you find me walk 300 ft west to find my heart.

11. In the 1940s, this was one of the two big picture houses in Downtown Springfield. No word on if The Fox and The Hound made it before the theater closed in 1982.

12. You do the crime, you do the time… but don’t be fooled. There are no prisoners in this old jailhouse.

The scavenger hunt is a partnership between the Springfield-Greene County Health Department, Downtown Springfield Association, Springfield-Greene County Park Board, American Heart Association and the City of Springfield.

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