Evans Road Bridge at 65 Closes Until July; Restricts Mercy Hospital Access

The Evans Road bridge over Highway 65 has closed until July for significant rehabilitation work. The move will cause significant issues for some residents attempting to access two Mercy speciality hospitals.

Red on the map shows the bridge closure location.

This closure restricts some access to Mercy’s Rehabilitation and Orthopedic hospitals for anyone traveling from the south. Anyone who needs the services of either hospital, or who wants to access the nearby Missouri Veterans Cemetery or Lake Springfield will have to use the Ozark CC/J exit. An additional 10-15 minutes could be added to travel time to the hospital because of the detour.

If someone is coming from the north and wishes to access Millwood golf course or businesses on Farm Road 181, they will need to exit 65 at Highway 60 and turn onto Blackhawk Street at the Missouri Sports Hall of Fame to reach those destinations.

The on and off ramps for the Evans Road exit will remain open.

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