Ozark FCCLA Students Help Haitian Mothers

Students part of the FCCLA program at Ozark High School were shocked when their teacher told them that many mothers in Haiti are so poor they can’t even afford diapers for their babies.

The students decided it wasn’t enough to be outraged by what they had heard and began to gather together after school to sew cloth diapers that would be sent to the third-world nation.

“My sister, who is a missionary in Haiti, told me that many of the Haitian families do not put any type of diaper on their baby bottoms,” FCCLA advisor Teresa Picard said in a statement. “So she mentioned to me that if a mom had at least two diapers, she would use one a day, while the other one was being washed, then switch them the next day. It broke my heart and I shared that with my FCCLA students. They decided right then they wanted to sew some diapers to send to Haitian babies.”

Picard’s sister Lisa Berg visited Missouri in February and gave her the diapers and an infant blanket. On Wednesday, the students were delivered photos of Berg in Haiti with mothers who were using the diapers made by the students.

“We had the opportunity and resources to make a difference, so we as a club decided this was something we could do to help meet a need of families in Haiti,” OHS senior and FCCLA President Kaylea Robertson said.

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