Glendale Receives Another Anonymous, Baseless Threat

Glendale High School has received for the second time this year an anonymous threat that has required increased security around the campus.

Springfield Public Schools stated that they have received “an anonymous message at Glendale High School threatening violence. The message lacked specifics, and at this time, the investigation has not produced any information that would cause us to believe that this is a credible threat.”

The school is operating under its normal schedule today although with increased school police officer presence on the campus. Police and school officials are investigating including reviewing security footage of the area where the threat was found.

School officials are asking anyone who may have information about who is behind this harassment against the school to contact them on the Text Tip Line at (417) 319-2901 or by calling School Police at (417) 523-2911.

The school received a different baseless threat on January 24, 2019.

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