Former Drug Court Commissioner Wins Bengsch Award

The Springfield-Greene County Health Department has announced the 2019 winner of the Harold K. Bengsch Award for commitment to enhancing the overall health of the Greene County community.

This year’s recipient is retired Drug, Mental Health, DWI and Veterans Court Commissioner Peggy Davis. Davis was nominated for the award by Bengsch himself.

“My nomination of Peggy for the Harold K. Bengsch Award is an outstanding example of Public Health in action. Her dedication in helping and advocating for individuals with addictive behaviors in breaking their cycle of addiction, crime and incarceration has drawn nationwide recognition,” Bengsch said in a statement.

The Health Department stated in a release that the “cycle of addiction is a significant public health issue” and highlighted that the work of Commissioner Davis in helping “countless people” in the county find paths to overcome their addictions.

Davis was also praised for her “innovation” in creating restorative justice courts and noted that communities around the country are using techniques that she developed during her time as Commissioner.

Davis will receive her honor on Friday, April 5, 2019 during an award reception at Mercy Hospital, Springfield beginning at 3 p.m..

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