City of Springfield to Survey Residents

The city of Springfield is giving a handful of residents the chance to sound off on a number of issues.

A “Citizen Satisfaction Survey” will be mailed to 6,000 randomly selected households in the city. The surveys should reach mailboxes starting next week and the city estimates it would take about 15 minutes for a citizen to fill out the form and mail it in.

“The purpose of our Citizen Satisfaction Survey is to gather feedback on City programs and services,” City Manager Jason Gage said in a statement. “It’s a valuable tool that we’ll use to measure the progress of our City Council and staff priorities, and will help us plan for the future. We appreciate our citizens taking the time to let us know how we’re serving them.”

The survey will ask residents about their level of satisfaction with a range of city departments including public works, parks & recreation and code enforcement. Citizens will be able to comment on the level of customer service they feel they receive from the city.

All personal information given in the survey will remain confidential and the results of the survey will be presented to the City Council in late spring, at which time the results will be released to the public.

The survey will cost the city about $21,000. The company conducting the survey, ETC Institute, previously conducted surveys for the city in 2011 and 2014.

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