Greene County “Transparency Portal” Shows Taxpayers County Finances

If you ever wanted to know where every single dollar you pay in county taxes is spent, Greene County is now giving you the opportunity.

The new “Greene County Transparency Portal” went online at 9:30 this morning and gives the residents of Greene County the opportunity to see a daily financial breakdown of the county’s income and expenditures.

Greene County’s elected officials “throwing the switch” on the transparency portal

“Greene County has a record of setting standards of excellence and then meeting them and exceeding them,” Presiding Commissioner Bob Dixon said at an unveiling event. “Today, we are setting another higher standard for openness, and for easy public access for information.”

“We invite public scrutiny,” Dixon continued, “we are here to serve the public. And we invite citizens to a better understanding of how Greene County operates and manages your resources.”

An example of the portal’s information

The portal’s elements can be broken down to their lowest level, meaning if you wanted to see the actual checkbook ledger used by the county for road repair work, it’s visible in almost real time. (The data will appear on the website when an expenditure is paid by the auditor’s office.)

Commissioner Harold Bengsch

“We want people to understand, we want them to understand,” County Commissioner Harold Bengsch said. “We want them to know how their tax dollars are being spent and why. If that can happen, our community can have much more confidence in what government does for them.”

Citizens can also download the information into an Excel spreadsheet so they can do their own custom searches of county information.

The portal can be accessed from the front page of the Greene County website, linked right next to the Financial Dashboard the county has posted for several years.

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