Springfield Middle School Students “Battle” Thursday

Middle school students across the Springfield School District are going to battle on Thursday, but the worst injury that may happen would be a paper cut.

The 4th annual “Battle of the Books” competition will be taking place in the Hickory Hills Middle School Library. Teams from all 9 middle schools, plus Central Scholars and Wilson’s Creek 6th graders will be battling wits regarding MO Truman Award nominated books.

Each school’s team of six students will face off with a series of questions divided into ten rounds. The students work collectively to answer the questions for that round although they can only work from memory without notes.

The questions are written by the library media specialists that sponsor their school’s teams. Questions can be in a short answer, multiple choice or true/false format.

A traveling trophy is awarded to the winning school and medals are given to the top three finishing teams.

Jarrett Middle School are the defending champions.

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