Convoy of Hope Responds to Two Disasters at Once

Springfield-based charity Convoy of Hope has launched an emergency response to the massive midwest flooding.

Convoy has dispatched two trucks filled with more than 150,000 pounds of bottled water that will be distributed in multiple communities in Nebraska.

Local officials identify fresh drinking water as the number one need in the area because the flood has compromised water treatment systems.

Convoy has also begun a relief effort in Malawi and Mozambique in response to Cyclone Idai. Water filtration systems and solar lanterns are among the supplies that will be sent to rescue efforts.

“It is not uncommon for Convoy of Hope to respond to multiple disasters at the same time,” Jeff Nene, Convoy of Hope’s National Spokesperson, said in a statement. “Unfortunately, we cannot predict when a disaster will hit, but we are prepared to respond and fulfill immediate needs when possible — even when it stretches our team and resources.”

Convoy is providing updates of their relief efforts on their website.

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